Really great quality and price. Very minimal salt so it was much easier to clean than most. I would definitely order from this shop again.


AWESOME!! These guys never disappoint me! Quality, clean sea moss, and VERY minimal salt content. They are my go to for Sea Moss trust and believe!


Truth is, I was not expecting to receive such a large bag of sea moss at this price. The half pound looks a lot more than 8 oz but that’s what you get when you buy true sea moss.


PRODUCT IS GREAT!!! CUSTOMER SERVICE EVEN BETTER!!!! Reviewed in the United States on October 31, 2019First of all I just wanted to say that I knew nothing about seamoss Only that I wanted to try it.. So I called the owner of this company just because I had a question about Seamoss itself. And let me tell you The owner of this Company was sooooo very nice and helpful and told me all about the benefits and history of seamoss and also gave me instructions on how to use it. My seamoss was not really dirty at all which was great!!!! And the moment I took it I begin to feel a major difference my headache that I had through out the day was gone, in like 10 minutes!!!!! I started to feel just energerized I could not believe it. I think I have offically found Where I will be purchasing my seamossfrom now on. his Seamoss is authentic and the Customer Service is Superb!!
(Aviala Israel)

A Israel

It’s a lil pricey but u get what u pay for this the real deal and the quality is definitely there!!!! Plus it’s from my home country so how could I not love it


Yes I was really worried about this being wild crafted it’s my first purchase however I did study about the fake sea moss and hoe to tell the difference thus far I am pleased the other tell tell will be once I process I to gel thank you


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